Starting a new venture in Myanmar can quickly get complicated due to administrative hurdles and can distract you from your core business. Many government procedures are bureaucratic or even not clearly defined. We can help you to navigate around the difficulties and obstacles when dealing with company registration, stay permits, labor registration and employment contracts. Being one of the very few local companies that is dedicated to be fully compliant with Myanmar’s laws and regulations, we have ample experience how to practically handle things on the ground.

Thura Swiss assists its clients in order to get company license in Myanmar. Our registration services include checking company types and objectives that can be suited with laws and regulations, providing advice which types of company incorporation is appropriate and assisting the client to obtain necessary documents for application. We provide the following services: 

Our Services include application for obtaining required recommendation letter from relevant ministries, application for foreign registration certificate and application for stay permit with appropriate types of visa. We also provide door to door services that our staff will collect and give back the clients’ passports and application documents. The stay permit for MIC is issued during 5-8 working days and for Non-MIC is issued during 10-15 working days

While it is important to employ the right people who best suit the company and the job, it is also important that both parties - employer and employee mutually benefit from the engagement. Following the standard employment procedures, both parties will be protected by terms and conditions of relevant rules and regulations. We assist both local and foreign companies with their employment, resignation and termination as well as social security registration and other related processes.

In today’s business environment, the role of corporate compliance is becoming increasingly important with many businesses shifting their attention to becoming responsible businesses and conforming to rules and regulations. Being a compliant company itself, Thura Swiss has a perfect combination of thorough understanding of regulatory framework and practical knowledge from hands-on experience which allows us to better serve our clients. Our strength lies in the ability to understand the needs of our clients, to identify the type of compliance needed and the flexibility to adapt our compliance procedures as necessary. With the intention of serving our clients better, we have formed alliances with strategic partners who have expertise in respective fields to strengthen our compliance processes for clients. In specialized cases, we can also assist you with incubation, corporate income tax matters, MIC permits and licenses and permits for your business.