At Thura Swiss, we help our clients beyond simply the research stage. While our Market Research provides you with precise information that allows you to make data-driven decisions, our Consulting services help you build the subsequent strategy to drive your business forward.

Through our Advisory services, we provide support and advise our clients through their most crucial strategic decisions. We offer advice on capital raising, sell-side and buy-side M&A, joint ventures and restructuring. As a local firm, Thura Swiss is extremely well connected in Myanmar and offers unrivaled partner search and market entry advice.

Being a local company, we have the crucial advantage of being well connected and well-informed regarding changes taking place in the market. Having been an established and active firm on the ground for years, we have accumulated knowledge, practice and experience that ensure we provide the best advice for our clients on their defining business decisions. Having united a strong mix of local and foreign talent, we have the expertise to answer all your business questions regardless of how challenged and complex they are. We provide multiple levels of consulting services, including strategy formulation, implementation and progress monitoring. As part of our services, we also provide business planning to help clients develop a concrete road map towards their predefined objectives. Our consulting services are not limited to entry and growth strategies as we also help businesses identify their areas of improvement by looking deeper into their operations and developing the best strategic solutions.

Investment structuring in Myanmar can be challenging but is not impossible. We are here to advise our clients, both local and foreign, on how to optimize their investment structure. We provide advice on financing solutions, location considerations, profitability maximization and investment protection. We offer a complete advisory package with the help of our on-the-ground partners who are tax and legal experts.

We understand that finding the right business partners in Myanmar is time-consuming and challenging work. Myanmar is a frontier market with little public information, large language barrier, and a unique business culture. On behalf of our clients, we screen potential business partners based on the clients’ industry, target market, and criteria. After shortlisting potential partners, we connect parties and engage as financial advisor, facilitating deal negotiations and advising our client throughout the process to increase the probability of success.

Thorough due diligence is critical in frontier markets such as Myanmar. We provide Commercial Due Diligence services to investors such as large corporations and private equity firms in order to thoroughly assess a target’s position in its commercial setting. Our assessment covers market size and share, market drivers, competitors, feedback from customers and suppliers, and ability to meet financial projections. Additionally we work closely with our on-the-ground partners who are tax and legal experts.

Thura Swiss offers an independent valuation service that poses no potential conflict of interest to our clients. With our sophisticated and robust approach, we deliver a valuation number that is in line with the market’s. Thura Swiss can value private-owned businesses, family owned companies and tangible or intangible assets for the purpose of Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), mergers & acquisitions, private equity offerings or exit planning and PE/VC investments.

As one of the last frontier markets in the world, Myanmar is attracting increasing investment from international investors. On-the-ground expertise is essential to meet this market potential and unlock the opportunities. In addition, a well-connected local partner is critical to support clients throughout the investment process. Thura Swiss provides a full range of M&A services including identification and assessment of potential targets, advisory on negotiation strategy and deal structuring, valuation, and finally commercial due diligence. As financial advisor, we function as a central hub/coordinator of the process and provide access to key partners in legal, accountancy and other aspects crucial in a successful transaction.