Our Market Research provides you with precise information that allows you to make data-driven decisions. To meet the most common needs of our customers, we have combined various Research Tools to offer you templates for Products and Services. If, for example, you want to understand how your brand is perceived in the market, we already have developed a strong and tested Brand Equity and Tracking model that we can tweak for your specific needs. For consumer-related products, we have developed and extensively tested our own Socio-Economic Class (SEC) model that allows to perfectly segment consumers in Myanmar. Our model has been applied several times to the full satisfaction of our clients. We have an in-house database of over 150,000 contacts, whom we have classified in several ways based on a 12-minute interview, and a database of more than 350,000 unclassified contacts. Depending on your needs, we can use our contact database to produce several of our consumer-related Products and Services based on telephone interviews. This saves time and money for our clients.

Thura Swiss provides its clients with market size and market share data often needed to assess the potential of a sector, to benchmark its product against competitors or to understand the market trends. We have developed sector specific data gathering methods using various research tools to capture information from different sources depending on the nature of the product to deliver sound market size and market share information. Such data is crucial information to have in hand before taking any strategic and commercial decisions. We are equipped to assist you on both industry and consumer sectors.

Understanding the potential of your brand is important, but to exploit it is essential. This is why we have developed a proprietary Brand Equity Model, which will help you to track the various aspect of your brand such as the awareness, usage and preference and the image. We do not only help you to benchmark yourself with your competitors, but we can also track your brand’s strengths and weaknesses over time through our internal Brand Scorecard system.

Companies often allocate large budgets for marketing activities to increase product awareness and brand image with the expectation of increasing sales. However, often the impact of these marketing campaigns is not maximized due to the lack of preliminary research.

Thura Swiss gives the tools and capacity to its clients to implement an optimal campaign, providing pre & post campaign effectiveness. Pre-campaign, we can assess what is the current status and health of your brand, which will highlight your brand strengths and weaknesses and allow you to design a campaign to turn your weaknesses into strengths. Post campaign, we will assess your marketing impact after the campaign has been done to assess the impact on the consumer.

Our in-house research call center allows us to run such marketing & campaign effectiveness surveys through phone surveys. This enables us to be quick and effective, particularly when coupled with the Thura Swiss Consumer Database which hosts more than 150,000 classified consumers throughout Myanmar.

Attaining high customer satisfaction is notably one of the most important aspects to maintain the success of a product or a service. Our team has developed an internal Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which helps you to track and assess the satisfaction level of a product or a service. Depending on your product or service’s type, we will identify the most important variables and evaluate how your customer perceived them and compare them with your competitors. Based on the results, we will include them in our Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which will allow you to benchmark yourself and to track changes in satisfaction overtime.

The importance of market research is often undermined causing companies to make decisions that lack analytical judgment and strategic planning. Market research plays an inaugural role for companies at different levels as it equips companies with necessary information for their make or break decisions. With an established and strong market research team, Thura Swiss is at the forefront of market research in Myanmar, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos across a vast range of sectors. Understanding the importance of precise and accurate data in making data-driven decisions, we get our shoes dirty to obtain market information by adopting various research tools. Information obtained is further analyzed using qualitative and quantitative methods to support clients with their strategic decision making process.

Consumer behaviors are complex, unpredictable and often hard to synthetize between segments (age groups, gender and socio-economic classes) especially in a market like Myanmar, which was closed for decades. Through our in-house consumer database, we can provide our clients a detailed view and breakdown of the behaviors for each segment and across segments. Please contact us if you need any of the below information:

  • Frequency of consumption
  • Place of consumption
  • Time of consumption
  • Place of purchase
  • Purchasing factors
  • Alternative consumption
  • Cross consumption
  • Value indicators

Thura Swiss offers comprehensive social research services that utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods to enhance understanding of human behaviour and promote environmental resilience. Our expert team employs cutting-edge methodologies and a participatory approach to create actionable knowledge. Our services include:

  • Impact assessment and evaluation
  • Needs assessment studies
  • Situation analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Cross-sectional studies
  • Case studies
  • Etc.

In Myanmar, Thura Swiss has a proven track record of conducting social protection and humanitarian projects across various sectors. Our dedicated market research team is committed to providing Clients with precise data to support their studies and decision-making processes. We believe that informed decisions are the foundation of progress, and we are here to equip you with the information you need to make a meaningful impact.