See Thura Swiss 'at a glance' in our Corporate Video. We offer market research, consulting, financial advisory and corporate services to facilitate market entry and expansion for our clients in Myanmar. Check our corporate video here.


Companies are spending large sums in their marketing efforts. But how can they know if their campaigns are successful and if consumers are getting the key message? Thura Swiss has developed quick and reliable measurement tools to identify marketing and campaign effectiveness. Read more about our campaign effectiveness products here.


Often, setting up a business in Myanmar requires many steps, which will make it difficult for you to concentrate on your core business. Delegate the work to us and we will register your company for you in full compliance with the laws. We will guide you to what kind of setup will be the suitable for your business. Read more about our company registration services here.


Every month, we conduct telephone surveys with a panel of over 1000 respondents representing the population of Myanmar. Do you want to join the panel with your own questions? Contact us to know more about our Omnibus Surveys.


Brand strength is more relevant today than ever before. Do you want to understand how your and your competitors’ brands are perceived in Myanmar? Our Brand Equity and Tracking products are ready to inform you. Read more about it here.